Wednesday 12 November 2014

CCRA in the Uxbridge Gazette

The Cowley Community Residents Association and chair Steve Hardwicke are in an article published in the Uxbridge Gazette today.

Titled "Uxbridge landlords urged to clamp down on noisy Brunel University students", the article focuses on the issue of anti-social behaviour among some students living in the local community.

Brunel University community development coordinator Kerri Prince told the Uxbridge Gazette,

"There are just under 15,000 students at Brunel, and we try to ensure good behaviour from all. Our off-campus housing office deals with complaints from the community, to ensure that our residents know that we are committed to making sure our students are good neighbours. 
"We are currently looking at ways to work more closely with local estate agents, including landlords. One of these ways is through an accreditation scheme we’re implementing, and the creation of a community guide that goes out to students living off-campus, with guidance and advice on rights and responsibilities living in the community. 
"We welcome residents feedback, good or bad, that can help us improve our community."
If you are troubled by noisy neighbours and need someone to witness the problem, you are welcome to contact Steve Hardwicke.

As Cowley residents, Brunel University students are welcome to join the Residents Association and to seek advice from it.

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