Thursday 3 December 2015

Protect yourself from crime this Christmas

An officer from the local Brunel Policing Team ( dropped round this afternoon with these tips for protecting yourself from crime this Christmas.

Always fully close and lock all external doors and windows when no one is at home.

Don't leave any signs that may indicate that your home is empty.

Fit automatic interior and exterior security lighting.

Ask neighbours to pay particular attention to your premises if you are away during the holiday season.

Property mark, photograph and record serial numbers of all new gifts.

Don't leave car keys or other property easily accessible from the letterbox.

Use mock Christmas presents under your Christmas tree.

Dispose of Christmas packaging discretely.

Tune your radio to a talk radio station and set it on a timer.

If you intend having a drink, don't drive.

Most importantly stay safe and enjoy the festive season!

Set your burglar alarms and timer switches. Secure your home. Secure your garage. Secure your shed.

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